This Old Heart of Mine

Larry Vannatta
Larry Vannatta



This Old Heart Of Mine

If I was a Captain of a big old boat.

Or maybe a movie star that everybody knows.

Would you see me differently, would you then give me the time.

For this old heart of Mine


Verse two

If I was the moon, I would shine down on you.

And dance across the water, and wrap my love around you.

I maybe a dreamer, but one thing is so true.

This old heart belongs to you.



Is this old heart of mine, playing tricks on me.

Is this old heart of mine, so blind it cannot see.

If I had any sense at all, I'd run away from you.

But this old heart of mine, loves no one but you.


Verse three

If I was a poet, I have all the right words to say.

Could I sweep you off your feet, and maybe take you away.

Or am I just a fool, on a road that leads nowhere.

This old heart loves you I swear    


(Words and music by: Larry Vannatta (C) Socan)

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