Tommy Prince

Larry Vannatta
Folk song for the Movie Tommy Prince by: Clement J Gareau & LarryVannatta


Glem sent me these Lyric's and asked me to write the music for the Movie Tommy Prince. Gender: Folk Another demo song.


Tommy Prince Tommy Prince was born a native from Sault Ste Marie He was the great, great grandson of the Saulteax Chief. Three times he tried to join the army; three times they turn him down Till they final enlisted, the greatest warrior of our time. He learn the ways of the Brokenhead, Objibway Nation How to scout, track, shoot and how to become a man. He joined an elite allied force, a special assault team Germanys learn to fear them and called them Devils Brigades Chorus Tommy Prince he was soldier, a brave and honored man Received England’s Military Medal and the American Silver Star He was decorated nine times the most of his Kind Yet Tommy could not vote for his country, he was born an aboriginal man He fought like a true Canadian in England, Italy and France. His fellow Green Beret’s said Tommy was one of the bravest of all men. He was a hero in both the Second World War and the Korean War too. Commando Tommy Prince may we never forget what he did for me and you. Chorus (Solo) Tommy was a true Canadian who final got to vote He was a hero Aboriginal, stand tall and salute Chorus tag last line Yes Tommy Prince the native hero well he finally got to vote So let’s stand tall and salute our Canadian hero Tommy Prince this is for you. Words written by Clement J Gareau. Music written by Larry Vannatta

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