Brick by Brick

Larry Vannatta
Lyric’s by Janice Hopkins and Greg C. Brown and music by Larry Vannatta


This is a co-written song that will be added to larry's new album.


Brick by Brick
© 2010 Lyric’s by Janice Hopkins and Greg C. Brown and music by Larry Vannatta

(G)                                                        (C)  
Grandpa Foley turned 90 last May, the family all came out to celebrate.

(Em)                                                        (D)
Most of his years had all been kind; his feet were moving slowly, but not his mind.

(Em)                                                    (C)
He started working at an early age, forty-one years in the building trade.

(G)                                                            (D)
Concrete, mortar, hard work and sweat; he couldn’t look back on a single regret

(Em)                             (C)                 (D)         (Em)                                  (C)               (D) 
He told me, you know you’re nearly grown, you’ll soon be leaving your momma and home


        (G)                                           (C)           (G)     (Em)                                      (D)
So…Build your place in this world, call it your own, Brick by brick, and stone by stone

(Em)                                 (C)         (G)                    (D)                              (G) 
Use two steady hands ‘til the pieces fit, Add a little love just to make it all stick.

         (C)                     (D)                   (G)
And build a life worth living Brick by brick.

Verse 3:
I listened closely but I was so young, didn’t know then what I could become.
At 18 years, he gave me a clue, Said life’s made up of what you’re willin’ to do.

His good advice spun around in my head, I never forgot the words that he said.



(Bm)                     (C)                             (G)        (B7)                                         (Em)
When I got word that Grandpa’d passed away, I knew he’d earned his bonus at last.

(Bm)                       (C)                          (G)         (B7)                                          (Em)
Things aren’t created in the blink of an eye, It’s the slow, forward steps that make a life.

(C)               (D)                (G) 
Just like he told me that time…..


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