Just My Luck

Larry Vannatta
Bluegrass written by Larry Vannatta, George H Maynard and Blaine Evans


We wanted to write a True Alberta song that all these elements! Losing at Cards, Losing the girl, Ranching, Farming, Oil, Winning the girl, and Yodeling. To top it off when we where recorded this song a real live cricket started to sing so we had to add him to the song. LOL


Just my Luck When the cards are dealt and you see your hand and you know that you don’t stand a chance but you hold your own until they fall, Ah Just my luck Now nobody knows where the ace it goes But the queen of hearts just stole the show She took my money and she walked away,Ah Just my luck Just my Luck, Just my Luck, Just my Luck I bought me a ranch but it never rained For forty nights and forty days So I sold them cows and lost my Ah Just my luck I bought me a farm and seeded my crop Looked like I was gonna make a lot But the hail man came and took it all away Ah Just my luck Just my Luck, Just my Luck, Just my Luck Solo I bought me an oil well to turn my luck The Sheiks made millions so they bought me a truck But well went dry and they took my truck away Ah just my luck Then I met the queen of hearts and she own The oil the ranch and a big old farm We fell in love and douce duo Yoldady Yoldyady Yoldlo Just my Luck, Just my Luck, Just my Luck Just my Luck, Just my Luck, Yoldady Yoldyady Yoldlo Written by: Larry Vannatta, George H Maynard and Blaine Evans Registered © Socan 2006

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